2001 The Record (Bergen County, N.J.). Thomas E. Franklin, Staff Photographer
The Record is the premier daily newspaper serving northern New Jersey. Its headquarters in Hackensack are located across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Only five miles from the George Washington Bridge, the editorial offices face Southeast and had a direct view of the World Trade Center even on foggy days. On September 11, as news and photo reporters were deployed throughout the metropolitan area and horrified employees gathered to watch the twin towers burn and crumble before their eyes, the company immediately knew the area was facing a disaster of unknown proportions.

The World Trade Center disaster is extremely personal to the communities served by The Record newspaper and its publisher North Jersey Media Group. Bergen County, where The Record is located, has long been known as a bedroom community to New York City and is home to more adults employed in New York City than any other northern New Jersey county. According to the New Jersey State Police, 20% of the missing persons are from either Bergen or Passaic counties, the two key counties served by The Record. Among the 86 towns in just these two New Jersey counties, 52% have people missing as a result of the attack. One town, Glen Rock, NJ, lost more people in the World Trade Center disaster than from the Vietnam and Korean wars combined.

North Jersey Media Group publishes two daily newspapers, The Record and Herald News, as well 28 weekly newspapers and several monthly niche publications including the award-winning Parent Paper. The group covers six counties in northern New Jersey - Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Hudson, Sussex and Essex counties.

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