The Record and The Bravest Fund jointly issued a list of properly licensed products featuring the compelling photograph of the three FDNY firefighters raising the American flag at Ground Zero on Sept. 11. Read the release

  • The Record, (Bergen County, NJ), owns the copyright to the photograph. The following copyright notice must appear with the photo at all times: (c) 2001 The Record, (Bergen County, NJ).

  • All usage rights are discussed in partnership with the three firefighters in the photo, each of whom are represented by William P. Kelly, Esq. of McCarthy & Kelly, LLP

  • Use of the photograph in any format or for any purposes is not allowed without prior written permission from the copyright holder. Please contact us by e-mail to request permission for use of the photograph at: .

  • The Record owns the copyright to the photograph, but from the moment staff photographer Thomas E. Franklin took the photo, its importance to the American public has been clear. The newspaper has been careful throughout the process to work directly with both the photographer and the three firefighters, through their legal counsel, to ensure that any usage of the photo meets agreed-upon criteria of all parties involved. This process can take time, and the review process can take several weeks. If you have a specific deadline, please make sure that it is noted in all e-mail correspondence. As a newspaper, we understand the pressure of deadlines better than most, but must prioritize which deadlines are truly in the public interest. We appreciate your understanding as our staff and the those representing the firefighters continue to review proposals while also attending to their normal work duties and responsibilities.

  • Guidelines on usage criteria:

    Each usage request will require a written agreement that details usage criteria. General usage guidelines are as follows:

  1. The photo cannot be cropped. We require the full photo to be used.
  2. The photo should appear in color without color enhancements. Although the photo is largely grey in appearance, it is a four-color photo.
  3. No writing or other image should appear on the photo.
  4. Our copyright must appear on either the left vertical boarder, or directly underneath the photo. The photo credit should also appear under the photo or as close to the photo as possible.
  5. No titles or headlines should appear on the photo. The photograph is a piece of photojournalism and does not carry a title as photographic artwork might.
  6. No names should appear on or near the photo other than those of the copyright holder and the photographer.
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